— ring for federated cuties

subsection of the Fediverse webring for sites from fedizens who are into cute things

What sites are we looking for?

Sites that...

Remember, these aren't strict rules (except the first one).

What will I have to change on my site?

Include within 3 - 5 weeks time since approval navigation links for this ring. Use the snippet down below as example.

<a href="">Back</a>
<a href="">Cute Fediring</a>
<a href="">Next</a>

You can use any content for the navigation (such as images, custom buttons, unicode characters, and so on), as long as it's discoverable and functional.

Sounds nice, where do I apply?

Just fill out this form. (requires GitHub account)

Alternatively, send me an email at with your website and I'll get back to you.